North Jersey Interventional Spine Center, LLC

NJISC is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of various painful spine and musculoskeletal conditions. We strive to help each and every patient with their painful condition in a caring, compassionate, and professional atmosphere.  Our goal is to get patients back to doing the activities they enjoy!

At NJISC, we offer a modern, 21st Century approach to your pain, emphasizing state of the art non-operative solutions minimizing the use and reliance on dangerous and addictive medications.  Dr. Bandola combines advanced interventional and minimally invasive procedures, physical therapy, non-opioid medications, and other adjunctive modalities to address your painful condition and potentially avoid invasive and unnecessary surgery.

The team at NJISC will strive to get you back to working, playing - living!  Success can be achieved with a team effort.

Join the team at NJISC!  

To learn more about the services we provide, please call us today at 862-248-0668 to schedule an appointment.

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